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    Young people remain our greatest hope for the future. You are so full of life, love, compassion, creativity, knowledge, and ideas. I admire your inclusiveness, diligence, persistence, and passion. I love you for all these qualities and more. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your lives.
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    My tech skills are okay for a 64-year-old. I learned so much more from you - Spotify, podcasts, streaming - just to name a few. And you also taught me about so many websites, musicians, singers, books, television shows, movies, and places to visit.
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    I have a more broad and clear view of how life is for young business owners, writers, artists, diplomats, and so many more.
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    I learned about the opportunities and barriers younger people face today. Every generation understands it's own issues and unfortunately often thinks that it was harder for them than it is for the current and future generations. I feel differently, believing it is so much more difficult today.
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    There are so many wonderful cities and countries to visit all over the world. I continue to learn how it is to live, work, go to school, raise a family, and travel in places all over the world.
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    Baring your soul, telling your story, and openly sharing your feelings and beliefs is frightening yet liberating. People are understanding and supportive despite my fears that if they know my true self they will not like or accept me.
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    I much better understand gender and sexuality across the spectrum. I still feel hopeful everyone can someday live their life being who they are without hiding because of fear and rejection.
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    You can really love someone, worry about them, celebrate them, and feel truly close to them even if you've never met in person and you don't have any idea what they look like. This has led to a better understanding of online dating.
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    Activism and feminism are alive and well, maybe even thriving. This inspired me to join a resistance group working to pressure Republican legislators and candidates on important issues such as healthcare and education. I can write letters, emails, and make calls even though I can't actually march in protest.
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    I don't give up so easily even though I have wanted to do so many times. After sharing stories on list about my problems, I received an incredible gift of support, love, and kindness. This inspired me to try again and I have now read a book all the way through. I have sincerely appreciated my list education. Thank you my list friends! I love you.