Because I am disabled and he is kind
  1. Unloads the dishwasher of yesterday's dishes
  2. Makes me a breakfast of Bigelow French vanilla tea and warm blueberry oat bran muffin
    I bake them in batches and freeze
  3. Walks our dog three times a day
    She also can go out in our yard any time she asks (by standing by the back door with that look)
  4. Goes up to the community mailbox to pick up our mail
    At least 90% of it is junk because everything important we do online
  5. Cleans up and loads dishes after each meal
    I usually manage to make lunch
  6. Makes dinner himself or helps me if I feel able to do some
    I run out of steam as the day goes on
  7. Makes any phone calls we have to make
    I hate to talk on the phone
  8. Does any errands we have
    We don't like me to waste my strength on errands
  9. Cleans the cat litter box
    Too difficult for me
  10. Feeds the cats and dog and changes out their water
    Again - too much bending for my weak legs and back
  11. He does these things for me EVERY day and never complains
  12. I honestly do not know how he he does it
    But I definitely do know how lucky I am