Inspired by @shanaz and others
  1. Teaching
    I have a natural gift for teaching that makes me happier than almost everything else
  2. Finding the positive or good in every situation
    I am the eternal optimist except when I am depressed
  3. Sensing the feelings of others
    I am very sensitive and perceptive about people and have been since I was a child. I might even be an empath
  4. Caring for the sick and injured
    Because I have a great deal of empathy I am very good at sensing what people need and providing it for them
  5. Advocating for the weak or those without or with little voice
    I am willing to speak up to help others when they seem to be struggling to to speak for themselves
  6. Helping people with life transitions
    As a nurse and respiratory therapist I was really good at helping patients and families when a loved one was dying or when a baby or multiple babies were being born
  7. Scrapbooking
    Before I became disabled I made some beautiful scrapbooks of trips that I went on with my husband or family visits from our daughter, her husband and her beautiful babies
  8. Talking
    If you don't believe me, just ask my husband!
  9. Listening
    Although I can improve here, and I believe we all can, I am pretty good at just being present, letting someone speak when they want to, and not jumping in to advise them or offer up opinions
  10. Organizing
    Every nurse has at least some OCD characteristics and I fit the mold
  11. Public speaking
    As long as I know the subject, I can get up and speak extemporaneously about almost anything to any kind of audience without any nervousness. Even without any preparation the audience will like it. It's just a skill and I'm good at it.
  12. Entertaining children
    I don't juggle or anything like that but I love kids and somehow they know that. I make up games and stories and play with kids in a manner that they open up to. They have fun with me!
  13. Not taking things personally
    Now this is a work in progress, and I still need to improve here, but I am much better at letting things roll off my back than I used to be. I recognize that it's not all about me.
  14. Being a student
    I was a college student part time for 10 years and full time for four years. I can whip out a 15-page research paper over the weekend. I can put together a one hour class on a subject I am familiar with in about three hours. I honestly cannot remember ever failing a test in college. I can't remember ever getting a grade other than an A on a paper.
  15. Picking out clothes for my 13-year-old granddaughter
    It's hard to believe but my granddaughter actually said I have a better sense of style and what clothes look good on her than she does!