Inspired by @lexie_elyse and others
  1. Gardening
    I don't like insects or dirt and so I have never gardened. I like the concept of gardening, especially growing veggies, but can't carry it out! Let's just say I don't have a green thumb!
  2. Finance
    Don't get me wrong, I can make a budget, stick to it, and balance my accounts. I understand investments etc. I just find it stressful and I dread doing it. If I make a mistake it upsets me a lot. I feel a sense of responsibility out of proportion to reality when it comes to managing our money. I grew up extremely poor and so I often worried about wasting money, especially when we were younger. My husband recently took this over and I was thrilled
  3. Eyebrows and eyeliner
    Gosh I am 63 years old and have like 45 years of practice but I still mess up my eyeliner and eyebrows all the time. Thank goodness for Q-tips and make up remover. And of course there are many days that I just say the heck with it and go without make up!
  4. Focusing
    I take a whole lot of medications for pain, muscle spasms, and depression. My focus is awful. I'm good for about 10 minutes, maybe 15. I am so easily distracted. My husband teases me and says I go through life perpetually distracted, moving aimlessly from one thing to another!
  5. Surprise parties
    My bridal shower was the first and only surprise party I ever had. I was so shocked that I can't recall much of what happened at the shower. The entire time I was trying to figure it out what my work colleagues, my friends, and my family were all doing in the same room. The shower was over long before my shock was! Since then, my husband and family know that I'm only OK with small surprises, not big ones.
  6. Chess
    I just never could get any good at this. My brothers are both great and so is my grandson but he played better than me when he was only 8 years old! I guess I don't have the brain wiring for this game of strategy.
  7. Horseback riding
    How I love to look at horses! They are so beautiful and naturally graceful. I always wanted to ride one but each time I tried I was terrified up there and of course the horse knew it. So my experiences were not fun for me or the horse!
  8. Gracefulness
    I have rarely in my 63 years had a graceful moment. I am just clumsy. I bump into things. I knock things over. Try to picture Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality before her makeover (but without that awful snorting). I did manage to walk down the aisle gracefully and on stage to get diplomas and things like that. So if I concentrate I can pull it off but my natural state is to trip over things!
  9. Training pets
    I'm a pushover with my pets. All they have to do is look at me and I melt. I let them get away with anything and everything. I'm worse when they're babies and that's when they need guidance the most. It's hopeless!
  10. Penmanship
    My handwriting was pretty good in elementary school. Once I hit junior high however, it became this mishmash of printing and cursive that looks terrible. It's legible, but looks very childish. I'm sure the handwriting analysts would find a few significant flaws!
  11. Controlling my emotions
    I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have cried with patients and families, friends, colleagues and my family many times. And I also share joy and happiness with everyone. No matter what side of the emotional scale it is on, positive or negative, I just let my feelings show. Fortunately I rarely get angry, and that is something I can control!
  12. Phone calls
    For reasons I don't understand, I have never enjoyed talking on the telephone. Even though I was born way before computer technology, I would much rather text or use social media than the telephone. And of course I love to see people in person. There's just something about telephone conversations that I don't like. I don't like FaceTime or Skype either. I don't really understand this but I'd much rather use written word or see you in person.
  13. Photography
    My best efforts are lame. So I just use my phone and accept that's as good as it's going to get for me.
  14. Singing
    I love to sing! And I can carry a tune! And my husband loves to hear me sing! But I have a small range. I just can't hit those high notes. So I only sing in the house or with family or, before I went on all these medications, if I had a few drinks with friends. I guess I sing a lot but the reality is my vocal range is pretty limited. Enjoying something and being good at it are definitely two different things.
  15. Remembering names
    Now that I am on all these drugs my memory is truly awful. But even before I took any medications I was pretty bad at remembering names. When I was teaching I made liberal use of those name tents you fold and stand on the table! At work everyone wore name tags so that also helped. And of course I remember the names of my family and friends. But when you go beyond that, like to families of friends, acquaintances or neighbors, I'm terrible. There's just no excuse for me!