Inspired by @c_ristinad (slightly tweaked)
  1. When I hear my wedding song unexpectedly
  2. A good cup of Bigelow French Vanilla tea
  3. When I say or do something that brings delight and a Leprechaun twinkle to my husband's beautiful Irish blue eyes (or green depending what he is wearing)
  4. Fresh flowers
  5. Birds singing in the morning
  6. My husband's touch
  7. My kitties' purring
  8. The taste of grapefruit picked fresh from the tree
  9. Time with my daughter
  10. Falling asleep to the rocking of the ocean on a ship at sea
  11. Freshly fallen snow
  12. Warmth from the fireplace on a chilly winter day
  13. Hugs from my grandchildren
  14. The sound of children playing happily
  15. My doggie wiggling her little nubby tail with excitement when she realizes I am awake in the morning
  16. The scent of orange blossoms in full bloom
  17. Sunsets
  18. Hearing a song for the first time that speaks to my heart immediately
  19. A meal shared with friends
  20. Soaking in my jet tub