Or less-abled
  1. Some people think I'm just lazy or cheating the system because they see that I can walk a little.
    Do you mean people can be disabled still walk? Isn't the disability symbol a wheelchair?
  2. People make a lot of assumptions about people on scooters
    Some are true but many aren't
  3. Different people often say the same things I have heard over and over again.
    "I wish I had one of those things." "Can I hitch a ride?" "Do you have a license for that thing?" "Can I sit on your lap? " "How fast does it go?" "Why do you need that?" or my favorite "What's wrong with you?"
  4. The majority of people all over the world are helpful
    People come to my aid frequently if I can't open a door while on the scooter or pick something up that I have dropped but there's always a few losers.
  5. My cane, scooter, or walker are an extension of myself.
    Think of it like your purse or wallet. You don't want someone else just picking it up, looking at it and examining it.
  6. Although I am a lower height than you because you are standing and I am on a scooter, I am not a lesser person than you.
    I am actually present and can hear you.
  7. I appreciate your courtesy and kindness