A Lesson I Learned in School but REALLY Learned on the Job

I worked in healthcare as a respiratory therapist and a nurse
  1. When I was in school I learned that hearing was believed to be the last thing to go in a coma so we should explain things to our comatose patients just in case.
    So when I had my first deeply comatose patient I made sure to explain what I was doing. I also told him about the weather and that I was worried about my four-year-old who had chickenpox. I updated him throughout the week. On Friday I told him I was off for the weekend and would see him on Monday.
  2. Monday morning came and to my delight he was awake and out of the coma.
    I introduced myself and said I would be taking care of him. He interrupted and said, "I know who you are. I recognize your voice. How is your daughter?"
  3. To say I was shocked is an understatement!
    So I learned that at least for this man, hearing was definitely still intact when he was comatose! They taught me in school but I really learned it when I experienced it at work.