It was sometime in the late fall of 1985 or 1986 when we lived in New Jersey.
  1. Our daughter was in high school
  2. She and some friends were planning to go to to NYC by bus from our home in NJ to the Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday
  3. She was excited and talked about it all week. None of them had ever been there.
  4. On Saturday morning it was pouring rain and one friend called to cancel. Her parents wouldn't let her go in the rain.
  5. Our daughter was sorry but still excited
  6. Then the other two did the same thing. One said maybe they could go another time but the other one said she wasn't allowed to go at all.
  7. Our daughter was sulky but we thought she would just go some other time
  8. She went to the family room to do homework
  9. A few hours later she came up and was going to her room when my husband noticed she still seemed pretty bummed out
  10. It was still raining hard and the rain was washing some of the fall leaves right off the trees.
  11. It was gloomy and starting to get dark.
  12. So my husband puts on his coat, gets his keys, and says, "Come on everyone. We're going to the Hard Rock."
  13. Our daughter was incredulous and her face lit up the room. "Really Daddy? Are you really taking us?"
  14. "Come on! Get your coats on! Let's go!"
  15. So we climb into our little Chevette and drive from NJ to NYC to the Hard Rock.
  16. We waited outside on line for about 30 minutes before we got in but finally we got a table.
  17. She looked at the memorobelia and we all had burgers and fries.
  18. She had a smile so happy the whole time we almost forgot about the rain.
  19. Of course we bought her a Hard Rock t-shirt and of course she wore it to school on Monday.
  20. Her dad made her the happiest girl on the planet that weekend.
  21. Just one of the thousand reasons I love my husband!
  22. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️