Because I went out today with friends, I wore a new hat, and I like the way my hair came out today
  1. I just turned 64 on October 13 and at my age you realize your good-looking days are over
    Unless of course you have plastic surgery, Botox injections, and other various treatments to remain youthful – looking
  2. I haven't had any of these enhancements
  3. But I like the way my hair came out today
    Front view
  4. And I had so much fun chatting with our friends at brunch
    Back view of my hair today
  5. And I like the way I look in my new hat
  6. I do post when I am having bad days so I want to be careful to balance that out so you don't think I'm always negative
  7. For me this is a great day and I am happy!!!