Sadly I can't drink them very often because of the medications I take. But maybe this is a good thing! It won't be a very long list because my tastes are rather boring!
  1. Scotch and water in a tall glass
    I like it on the rocks or in an old-fashioned glass, too but I tend to throw them down too fast if I don't ask for it in a tall glass. I grew up poor and remained poor until I was in my mid 20s. I drink inexpensive blended Scotch such as Dewars and Johnny Walker Red. I have never had a single malt.
  2. Hot chocolate with Bailey's
    Again nothing very exclusive here. It's especially good if you add whipped cream and mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. Excellent with cookies or cake!
  3. Red wine
    I know absolutely nothing about wine. When we lived in Florida we often went to the Lakeridge Winery and I loved their sweet red wine. Every once in a while they have a buy one get one free sale. When that happens we order some to be delivered and the freebie helps offset the cost of shipping.
  4. Piña colada
    I mean - rum, coconut, pineapple- how could you not like it?!?
  5. That's about what I drink.
    Short and sweet and exceedingly boring 😴💤