Inspired by @tweedledee
  1. My name is Susan
  2. I am retired as a result of disability. I can't walk very far or stand very long. And there is seemingly endless pain. I'm struggling with accepting this.
  3. I love "school" (aka learning) and have five college degrees. Now I mostly learn from other people
    Two associate, one bachelor, two masters. Lots of certifications, etc. I am very good at tests, can knock out a 20-page report over the weekend, and put together one-hour presentations in 15 minutes. These skills have little use outside of school.
  4. I don't want to be book-smart but lacking in common sense and down-to-earthiness.
    I don't think I am lacking those but do occasionally wander into academic discussion.
  5. I love to read. I'll read most anything. Too bad I can't remember it!
    Sadly my recall has slipped away as I have aged and been impacted by chronic illness. I still read but now I don't remember it!
  6. I love to travel. Have been enjoying this especially now that I can't work.
    I have discovered cruises are excellent for the disabled and many offer accessible excursions.
  7. I love fresh air and sunshine.
    It heightens my sense of insignificance. I live on the high plains of Colorado where the view is endless in every direction except west where the Rocky Mountains rise majestically. I am in a suburb yet it feels spacious. I grew up in urban NJ where I never really saw more than my immediate surroundings unless we were down at the shore.
  8. I have a wonderful family
    I am not writing about them.