Art in my House- Main Floor

Please forgive the crookedness of the photos. They are taken with my iPhone, but also my mobility is limited so it makes it hard for me to center them. But you get the idea, hopefully. Also, this list is inspired by some lists I read a few months ago but I don't recall who wrote them. I found this today in my drafts from a few months back.
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    Print on canvas of Sailboat Santa Barbara by Frederick Pawla
    We bought this one when we lived in Florida. My husband and I both grew up on the East Coast and we were never very far from the Atlantic Ocean. When we lived in Florida we were equidistant from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Both close enough for a day trip or camping weekend every 2-3 weeks.
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    Print on canvas, artist unknown
    Originally this one and the Pawla print were in our dining room. Now we have a great room and these are on the living room side. These first two paintings are probably my favorites, but my favorites do change from time to time.
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    Needlepoint of two black cats.
    After my kitty died at age 17 in SC my husband got me 2 little black kittens for Valentine's Day in 1991. When one of those died at age 13, my husband got me another black kitten who is now around 12. About a year after we moved to CO the second black cat from SC died and my husband got me a 4th black kitten. He is now 7 or 8. So I have basically always had 2 black cats for the last 25 years. I think my daughter did this needlepoint, but I'm not sure and I feel weird about asking.
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    I love this print of a beautiful garden. I love how the path in the center leads to the tree. But I especially love the little black cat sitting in the path, of course.
    This picture and the black cat needlepoint are also both in the living room area of the great room.
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    When our daughter was in college she made us this pinecone wreath. It's in the first floor guest room. Sometimes I add a seasonal bow, but most of the time I leave the wreath plain.
    This guest room is the one my grandson uses when he stays over.
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    We brought this small original oil painting home from our trip to Russia. It is definitely one of my favorites.
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    This is a print on canvas of a photograph. I don't know who the artist is for this and multiple other pieces.
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    Birds egg print on canvas
    We were looking at model houses in Colorado and they were selling the contents of one of the model homes. We bought this for five dollars. I like it quite a bit. This one and the previous two prints are in the main floor guest room along with the pinecone wreath.
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    A photograph of a boat on shore
    We put it in the main floor guest bath. That bathroom is so tiny this is the only art in there.
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    My husband brought this beautiful brass tray home from Vietnam when he served there 50 years ago. It came with wooden foldable legs so you could use it as a coffee table. We prefer hanging it on the wall. It's over the mantle now and I love it.
    This picture was taken around Thanksgiving so that scarecrow is seasonal.
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    Framed poster print of a redwood forest.
    By the table in the dining area of the great room. This is another favorite of mine.
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    A framed print of a black cat peeking over a table
    In the center hall leaving the great room and heading toward the master bedroom suite. Every black cat parent has viewed the top half of their cat's head like this!
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    A shell wreath made by Betty Bell of Charleston South Carolina
    We lived outside Charleston South Carolina for about 3 1/2 years and really loved it there. When I think of Isle of Palms, the barrier island where we lived, I always think of shells and sand dollars. We collected them and enjoyed them so much. There's a wonderful market place in Charleston where lots of shell wreaths were sold. My husband and I liked the ones by Betty Bell best because she covered almost every square inch with shells.
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    I love all kinds of flowers including these pretty Gerber daisies
    This framed print and the shell wreath above hang in my husband's little half bath.
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    A sand dollar wreath made by Betty Bell of Charleston South Carolina
    This is absolutely positively my favorite decorative piece in our home. Of course it's better in person.
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    This is a mixed media piece by an artist from Charleston South Carolina whose name I no longer recall. It's black and white ink drawing of shrimp boats with watercolor as well.
    Shrimp boats are another thing I associate with my time in Charleston. This drawing and the sand dollar wreath hang over our bed
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    This art was made by my granddaughter. She went to a summer leadership camp and created this there. She had to select a role model and write a paragraph about it. I have won many awards throughout my education and career and I was an accomplished respiratory therapist, RN, and educator. Nothing compares to this acknowledgment from my granddaughter
    She wrote, "My grandma is my role model. She is kind and supports me in acting. She understands how I feel and knows how to make me feel better. She helped me be who I am." For context, drama club and acting are 2 of my granddaughter's favorite activities. She's 13 years old. I am crazy in love with my granddaughter and her 10-year-old brother! This one hang this in the sitting room off our master bedroom.
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    I guess by now you can see how much I like beach art. And now I live in landlocked Colorado near the Rocky Mountains. This framed print reminds me of Key West.
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    It's pretty hard to see this one with the glare but there are hundreds of versions of this picture out there. Two seats waiting for my husband and me to sit in down near the beach where we can enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the wonderful ocean!
    This one and the one above are a set, something I usually don't like. But I like these two and they're in the master bath
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    This is a signed print of a watercolor drawing of the waterfront in Charleston South Carolina. I worked with the artist's husband at Medical University of South Carolina. He picked my name in a Christmas gift exchange and gave me this. This is definitely the best work grab bag gift I ever received.
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    Because I enjoyed the previous painting so much my colleague asked his wife to paint this picture of two sand dollars specifically for me for my birthday. I was overwhelmed. This one and the painting are also in our master bath.
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    Well if you got this far you made it through my extremely amateur art selections πŸ’•πŸ‘΅πŸΌπŸ’•
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    Thank you for reading this list!