Sadly, not all of us are.
  1. Jean Watson is a world-renowned nurse theorist, researcher, scientist, leader and humanitarian.
    She studied the science behind caring and healing.
  2. We know intuitively that a patient with a kind and loving nurse will heal better and faster than one with an aloof or disconnected nurse.
    Jean Watson was a pioneer in studying holistic caring nursing.
  3. People who are sick or injured need more than just physical care.
    Each person needs care for their mind-body-spirit. A caring nurse helps with whole-person care.
  4. I was fortunate to work in a hospital in Florida where nursing practice was based on Jean Watson's theory.
    JW came to speak with us every other year so I had several opportunities to listen to her during my 6-year tenure there.
  5. I did not initially understand all the principles in the books JW wrote about caring theory but when I was working on my MSN (master's in nursing) I began to truly understand it.
    Caring nurses are intentional in all they do, understanding the impact they have on the well-being of patients and families. They support the patient and family, creating a healing environment that is focused on their needs.
  6. I completed a 6-month course studying under the mentorship of JW and her faculty. Upon completion I became a Caritas Coach.
    One who mentors others in caring science.
  7. I focused on implementing Caritas nursing at the hopsital where I worked as director of clinical education.
    We developed a caring practice model and implemented it. Most nurses identified with the model because in their hearts nurses usually became nurses because they care for others, want to help, and want to give of themselves.
  8. I no longer practice nursing but I still consider myself a Caritas Coach.
  9. Thank you for reading my list. Feel free to ask or comment!