Chelsea: My Wonderful Cat

My last list was so dreary so this one is pleasant. I'm not sure of Chelsea's age. Sometimes I feel guilty about that but not today. I think she's about 12. She was taken from the streets to the shelter. She was about 10 months old when we adopted her.
  1. She's still so curious. She really wants to go inside the therapy tub but she is also afraid if the jets come on and make a noise
    She is so sweet
  2. When I come out she will jump up on the edge and check it all out
    Her fur is so soft
  3. She will look at the buttons and touch them with her little paws
    She wants a lot of attention
  4. She is not strong enough to change the settings. If she did she would be extremely shocked and surprised
    She does not like to be carried
  5. We picked Chelsea from the other cats at the shelter because she was so mellow. Turned out that she was sick and when she got treatment she turned out to be feisty instead of mellow. We have no regrets. We love her, feisty and all!