Inspired by @shanaz MY PERIOD ESSENTIALS 🔴
  1. Because you will miss your period 🔴 terribly when it's gone
  2. Sure your period 🔴 causes physical, mental, and emotional challenges, but those are predictable and follow a monthly pattern
  3. Peri-menopause has no pattern. Your hormones are just all over the place for years. Maybe you'll get your period 🔴, maybe not. And there are hot flashes and insomnia and lots of extra laundry from all those clothing changes
  4. Then you reach menopause and mourn the loss of your estrogen
  5. Because you get dry crepe-like skin with age spots
  6. And gray hair that's dryer than the Sahara
  7. And you grow hair in new places and lose it in all those old familiar places
  8. And your bones get more brittle and thin
  9. And your risk of heart disease and stroke goes up
  10. And if you had babies you might need incontinence pads instead of tampons and mini pads
  11. It's not much fun
  12. It's not for the weak my friends
  13. So please
  15. You will miss it when it's gone!