Christmas Past

How my husband and I celebrated Christmas at our house until a few years ago
  1. We've always had a huge tree
    Because we have so many Christmas tree ornaments and we liked to use them all! Many are ceramic like this little girl. For many years my older cousin owned a ceramic craft business and she made samples of each of her molds to share with her students. And after the holiday she would sell us the samples at a very low cost.
  2. We have lots of homemade ornaments like these two our daughter made when she learned how to do smocking.
    Some of our grandkid's efforts are behind their mom's.
  3. We have traveled a lot and I collected Christmas ornaments from wherever we went
    Lots from here (the USA) such as this one from Zion National Park and others from places we visited in Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific
  4. We decorated the entire house including Christmas quilts and throw pillows
    Our little dog Victoria likes this one!
  5. I have a few small collections like these three snowglobes
  6. And this is one of my three pair of deer
    This one is ceramic, another is papier-mâché, and the third is plaster of paris
  7. We have some additional ceramic stuff from my cousin, the ceramic shop owner, like this large (stands about 18 inches tall) Santa and his wife, Mrs. Claus
    We have a Santa cookie jar and a matching Santa pitcher, five or six assorted snowman figurines (some with music boxes), some Santa figurines, a couple of lighted trees, a winter village with music and lights, carolers, and a collection of bells
  8. This is our countdown-to-Christmas tree. Our daughter loved moving the little Santa along as we progressed toward the 25th, and now that she's grown, I think I enjoy it even more than she did!
    You can see his little head poking out of the pocket for the 25th!
  9. I always baked 3-5 batches of seven kinds of Christmas cookies including the frosted butter cookies pictured here.
    Helping to decorate them was an important part of Christmas for our daughter growing up, and later for our grandchildren. About 10 years ago four members of our family found out we had celiac disease (It is an auto immune disease that runs in families).The Christmas cookies are not gluten-free and only a few are easily adaptable. I continued to make them every year for my husband, brother, extended family and friends.
  10. Here is a tray with an assortment of all the cookies. I would end up with about 10-12 trays like this. Some for us, some for gifts for anyone we visited during the holidays, some for my daughter and her family, and the rest for my brother. He lives alone and has no children. This was always a great gift for him because it's something he can't buy!
    The other cookies you can see on the tray are thumbprints (the ones with the chocolate filling), Mexican teacakes (the ones that look like snowballs), macaroons (the little coconut spheres), Santa snacks (the bar cookie with chocolate chips, coconut, and nuts), Christmas bark (the square one with melted chocolate chips on the top), and the jam stars (topped with powdered sugar and a dollop of jam).
  11. We bought these outdoor lawn decorations in Florida about 20 years ago. Every year we think it might be their last but they were doing well still at the end of last year.
    When our daughter was young my husband decorated the whole outline of the house with lights, Santa and reindeer on the roof, a star on the chimney, and at least one outdoor tree had lights.
  12. This was me with our dog at the local Bass Pro Shop getting our Christmas card pictures taken.
  13. I also have a complete setup for 12 of Nikko Christmas dishes.
    We have all the serving pieces, glassware, etc. - every item they made. My brother gave us a service for four when we first got married. Then he added to it every year for literally about 15 years!
  14. So now we cut back a little each year as we are getting older. But we still did quite a bit last year.
    This is our finished tree last year.
  15. We helped our grandchildren make ornaments and we enjoyed seeing them hung on their tree.
    This is how we display our cards.
  16. My daughter and granddaughter bake goodies now and we are "tasters."
    These are our outside lights last year.
  17. We no longer host dinner for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
    These are ornaments we brought home from Ireland.
  18. But we still have the spirit that the season inspires.
    Some of our staircase decorations.
  19. Last year's carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting before decorations were added
  20. I am looking forward to another beautiful Christmas season and wishing the best for you. ❤️🎅🏼💚🎄