1. Energy spinning and spiraling up, down, and around my spine, coursing through my spirit
    Surrounding me with loving energy
  2. Energy waves connecting and grounding me to the core of Mother Earth
    Holding me close to my planet while it is spinning around, spiraling, riding through space
  3. Energy coming up through my spine from the core of Mother Earth, out through the crown of my head, connecting to the center of the universe
  4. Connecting me to the universal light of pure love, glowing bright radiant white surrounding me and open at the crown of my head to give and receive the universal light of healing, nourishing, repairing my spirit
    Saint Hildegard of Bingen saw this healing light and recorded it in the years between 1100-1135
  5. I see my spirit thriving even as the body housing it crumbles, loses strength, tires, and struggles
  6. Soon I see my spirit connecting fully with the universal energy and leaving my body behind
  7. I visualize it happening, my release, the end of my suffering, and realize I'm closing in
  8. That is what I see when I close my eyes
  9. I have not yet suffered enough but it will come. The day will come when I see the same universal light, eyes opened or eyes closed