Inspired by @abr32
  1. Golf
    I got a B in golf. How that was decided I'll never know!
  2. Badminton and volleyball
    Same school but I somehow was given As in both these classes. Maybe I excelled at these games and didn't know my own talent!
  3. Art Appreciation
    Basically our instructor flirted with all of us young women and had us paint a ridiculous picture with oils. We learned nothing about art. Every female got an A. All the men transferred out. I needed it to fit in with my childcare schedule or I would have left with them!
  4. Personal Health
    This was basically a high school health class. The instructor was a sex therapist and talked about sex the whole semester. It was a waste of money and time.
  5. I am pretty sure there were more than this but I have over 300 college credits and remembering specific courses is difficult. I only recall the great ones and the terrible ones!