Cute pictures of my doggie

Victoria, like the queen
  1. This is me and Victoria when she was still a puppy. She was getting close to an actual adult.
  2. She is incredibly adorable when she is sleeping.
  3. This is Victoria looking through the stair way slats. I think she is adorable!
  4. Waiting by the front door until we figure out that she wants to go for a walk
  5. The Easter bunny left Victoria a sweet little lamb
  6. She looks up at me with such loving beautiful eyes
  7. Victoria really loves the snow
  8. She likes to sleep with her head on my husbands leg!
  9. Here she is out on the Colorado high plains
  10. Looking out the door waiting for Daddy to come home
  11. Victoria likes to lay on her back so we can rub her tummy!
  12. When we go away our friends, who also have two dogs take care Victoria for us
    She eats really well when she's there because she doesn't want the other doggies to get her food
  13. Here's our little beggar on our friend's leg looking for a handout
  14. She went to the doggie spa today and they put adorable little Halloween bows in her hair
  15. She kept them in about one minute after she came home, just enough time to snap a shot of those bows from the back of her head!