Don't Rule Out Seeing an Energy Healer (a Shaman)

I had a 90-minute session a few days ago and I feel so grateful and filled with love. She didn't take away my pain or fix my abnormal swallowing. She did shift my feelings about it to a much healthier place. She gave me a gift I never imagined really existed.
  1. First of all, I had an out-of-body experience. I was lifted outside my physical self and floated weightlessly. I felt arms holding me up but no other awareness of the physical world.
  2. As she surveyed my energy she completely recognized my areas where energy was stuck from old experiences. She knew things I did not tell her. She moved out this energy and I felt it leaving as I floated.
  3. She knew the ages I was at the times of trauma. She taught me that I am courageous and survived terrible experiences.
  4. She knew I was a person who helped others and lived a life of service.
  5. I felt gentle loving hands stroking my legs when no one was touching them.
  6. I felt light and healed. I did not want to come back down to my physical body. She had to do some strong encouragement for me to return my feet to the earth.
  7. I felt safe for what I realized was the first time ever in this life.
  8. I am coping much better. I feel hopeful for the first time ever. I feel loved. I love myself.
  9. If you are struggling go see an energy healer with an open mind. I think you will benefit. I know I did.
  10. Oh yes - I now believe in angels. 😇❤