I was so physically and emotionally exhausted I haven't been able to list since getting back
  1. So let me first say I am disabled
    I knew in advance that I would not be able to get off the houseboat. And I also knew my husband might want to stay on board with me most of the time if everyone else was gone off in the smaller boats.
  2. We rented a houseboat for a week on Lake Powell where the temperature topped 100° F every day
    There is no shade anywhere because it is a man-made lake in the middle of the desert.
  3. You tie your boat up on land each evening.
    Except there is nothing to tie it to. You have to dig a hole in the sand/dirt to bury the anchors to which the ropes are tied. There are four anchors to bury.
  4. So after the first experience of digging the holes in the hundred degree heat the decision was quickly made to spend two nights at each location.
    Because my husband and brother are both senior citizens and I am disabled my daughter and son-in-law were stuck with most of the hole-digging.
  5. There is a sliding pond off the back of the boat.
    Our two grandchildren just loved this and our daughter liked it quite a bit too.
  6. Whenever anyone is using the sliding pond or is swimming near the boat the generator must be turned off because there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning near it.
  7. No generator means no air-conditioning inside the boat where my husband and I were basically stuck.
  8. We also had rented a small power boat as well as a few kayaks to enjoy the parts of the lake that were not accessible to houseboats.
  9. Well the small boats left you completely exposed to the sun so unless you kept moving in the powerboat that heat was relentless.
  10. So of course that meant more time for someone to be swimming around the house with the generator off.
  11. Oh yes – you have to also turn off the generator whenever you try to cook on the stove. Nothing like turning off the AC in 100° weather while adding the heat to the boat from cooking
  12. Also there is a limited amount of water available for showers. And all the water you use on board goes into a tank that has no gauge until it is completely full. So you have to be careful not to over use the water in the shower or with flushing of the toilet it's because you might have to make an emergency trip to empty the dirty water tank.
  13. Did I mention there was no potable water available and we had to bring our own water on board along with all of our food etc.?!?!
  14. We each had our own bedroom with a queen bed. One each for my brother, my husband and me, my daughter and son-in-law, and our two grandkids.
    To get to these bedrooms you had to go up or down a small set of the steepest stairs I have ever climbed.
  15. Climbing the 2 steps to these bedrooms was more work than trying to climb a full set of normal steps for someone with weak disabled legs
  16. The bedrooms would be about 90° when you try to fall asleep. But without the doors opening and closing all the time like they do in the daytime the temperature dropped to about 65 during the night. Sadly this would wake me up freezing because I hardly wore any clothes to bed because of the heat earlier.
  17. Did I mention that our daughter and grandchildren begged us to bring our dog?!?!
  18. Then they proceeded to ignore her most of the trip and never played with her.
  19. Our dog was terrified of the boat but when she would get off to go to the bathroom she would get so hot she would look forward to going back inside into the shade of the houseboat or occasionally the coolness if everybody else was off on the smaller boats.
  20. Our dog is one of the few dogs I know of that does not like swimming. We had hoped that she would be more confident once she saw our grandchildren in the water but she didn't want to go out there by them. Even in the relentless heat.
  21. I have celiac disease and so does my daughter. We had our groceries delivered to the boat so we would not have to grocery shop upon arrival at Lake Powell. Unfortunately they substituted bread containing wheat for our gluten-free bread.
  22. And my brother brought his Keurig machine but it broke the day after we left. There was an ordinary coffee maker there but because my brother brought his Keurig we only brought K cups with us.
    Luckily my husband dug up some instant coffee packets that he threw in "just in case". This one did not affect me because I only drink tea.
  23. It was a 12-hour trip by car to get there. Our daughter and her family drove in one small car. We were in an SUV.
    The SUV had two kayaks inside it plus all of our supplies +3 people and a dog. Yes – the kayaks were INSIDE because my brother did not want them on top of his Lexus SUV. Can you imagine how that ride went?!?!
  24. It took 14 hours to get home because we hit traffic coming back into Denver from a big accident on the only highway coming in from the Rockies.
  25. My poor husband celebrated his birthday on this dreadful trip
  26. I didn't even tell you about the various family issues that occurred in deference to my family's privacy.
  27. We were gone from July 1 through July 9.
  28. Only now am I getting back to normal.