Everything that happens outside the hospital also happens inside the hospital. Except that the people in the hospital are sick and injured and often not exercising any self-control. Then there are the families...
  1. Weapons
    Especially in the ER. Sometimes they don't want to send them home so you have to get security involved. Sometimes they want to keep using their weapons in the hospital. This is not good. Nurses sometimes find weapons and ammo in the sheets, the bedside table, or under the sink. One guy who was visiting someone accidentally shot himself in the foot while in the cafeteria.
  2. Adulterers
    When someone is in the hospital the spouse usually visits, but sometimes so does the lover. This situation is beyond awkward. Sometimes the whole situation escalates. Hopefully they don't have a weapon. Then the nurse and chaplain become marriage counselors.
  3. Death
    Sometimes people in hospitals die. Usually the family is there along with close friends and the nurse and chaplain help them to say goodbye and grieve together. But once in a while you get a crazy family who are fighting over end-of-life decisions, wills, power of attorney etc. It's very sad when someone is dying and you have to bring security in to help move the family out of the room so your patient can have a peaceful death.
  4. Birth
    Sometimes the baby has a father who is not the mother's husband. This is another extremely awkward situation. Many times the husband doesn't know, but there are times when the baby looks obviously like someone else. There are other dramas at birth too sad to discuss.
  5. Alcohol and drugs
    Of course people sometimes come to the hospital under the influence, but it is especially difficult when they bring the drugs or alcohol with them. Nurses are not police, yet we must follow the law. So we have to turn in to security, the substances we find in the room. This can be a very difficult situation.
  6. Violence
    Sometimes patients or family members try to harm the nurses and others who care for them. In my 40 years of healthcare I have been bitten, punched, kicked, and groped. Many people throw things around in the room. There is also an abundance of verbal abuse. Thankfully we are trained in de-escalation techniques and self protection.
  7. Threats
    People will call up and threaten to kill someone in the hospital, or say they placed the bomb in the hospital. It is extremely difficult to try to care for patients in intensive care units or having surgery, etc. when someone is running around outside the hospital threatening people with a gun.
  8. Caring nurses accept all people and care for them equally regardless of the drama. Because people who are sick or injured do not behave as they usually do.
    Countless patients and family members have come back to apologize for their behavior. Hospitalization is a trigger for some because it is so stressful. People who are already fragile sometimes go over the edge when they or someone they love is hospitalized. We understand that and do not hold anything against anyone or treat them differently because of the drama. Except of course we do make sure we are safe and that everybody else is too.
  9. I have so many stories but that's all for now.
  10. Please feel free to comment or ask questions. Thank you for reading my list!!