Despite having TSA and Global Entry
  1. Because scooters are difficult to navigate around the tight security lines I am usually brought right up to the front of the line for TSA/Global Entry passengers
  2. I must be searched every time via a pat-down because I have an implanted spinal stimulator. Machines and wanding can interfere with its function
  3. I do not have to remove my laptop from my carry-on
  4. I must put my cane through the security screening
  5. I don't have to remove my quart-size bag or medications from my carry-on
  6. Because I can stand and walk a little I have to walk through the screening area while they separate me from my scooter so they can scan the scooter
  7. I can leave my shoes on sparing my feet from the dirty airport floor
  8. Because they have separated me from my cane and my scooter I have to use their grubby grimy airport cane
  9. Global Entry, TSA, and disability usually get me and my traveling companions to the front of the security line faster
  10. They always have to search the scooter bag containing an extra battery and a scooter toolkit.
  11. My scooter and implanted spinal neuromodulator always slow me down at the final security check
  12. Because it is small and lightweight, I can drive my scooter right up to the jetway and they will gate-check it like they do with strollers and car seats
  13. I get to board the plane first, even ahead of first class
  14. Getting in and out of the plane with my scooter supply kit, medications, medical devices and equipment in addition to my carry on bag is difficult, slow, and painful
  15. Most of the time the airport personnel and other passengers are kind and helpful
  16. Sometimes someone is very annoyed being behind me
  17. Like most situations, how it goes depends largely on your outlook and people skills
  18. Thank you for reading my list!