1. Help! I have a terrible rash!
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  2. So a small amount of very itchy red dots appeared on my skin behind my knees. I hate rashes! I have had them before from allergies and they're awful. This is not hives. I saw a dermatologist. It's a drug allergy.
  3. I am on so many drugs. I have to eliminate them one at a time to see if the rash resolves. A new drug was added about eight weeks ago before we left for California but I didn't get this rash until about a week and a half ago.
  4. I started with an urgent care center doc who put me on prednisone but the rash still continued to spread. So a week later she added antibiotics in case it was cellulitis and then antifungal cream in case it was a skin yeast infection.
  5. So I went to a dermatologist without an appointment and just pleaded my case at the front desk. They gave me an appointment for yesterday. Dermatologist looked at it carefully and said it was definitely a drug allergies.
  6. So now I am on a huge amount of steroid cream that basically covers both legs and my forearms.
  7. And I'm taking three antihistamines – Benadryl, Allegra, and I filled a prescription for hydroxyzine. And yet I still could not sleep because of the insane itching. I put so much calamine lotion on it looked like I was wearing pink panty hose!
  8. It can take up to two weeks for the drug to leave your system so in spite of all these medicines and creams it still keeps increasing. I may just go insane!
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