"A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom"
  1. Somewhere on the book jacket it said it was a guide to happiness
    It is true. Accurate. It brings new joy to your life. If you practice and eventually learn to keep the four agreements with yourself you will be happier
  2. I first read this little book packed with life-changing insight after talking to my boss's boss about it about 15 years ago
    He loved it and was excited to try to keep these agreements.
  3. After reading it, my boss's boss and I would talk about it at lunch and casual office conversations. I worked in the hospital education department and he was a VP.
    We helped each other work on keeping the agreements. Our work friends would ask a lot about it.
  4. We decided to start a small group class teaching about the book.
    We had trouble keeping up with the demand for about a year and then we started to reach saturation. More than 100 people, maybe 125, participated in the sessions.
  5. I continue to try to keep the four agreements. Sometimes I stray off path but I definitely try not to and have been happier and more at peace since this journey started.
    I have been derailed a bit these past two years because I am learning to cope with permanent disability.
  6. This is the first agreement: 1. Be impeccable with your word.
    Say what you mean. Words are powerful. Use them wisely, honestly, and for good in the world.
  7. 2. Don't take anything personally
    What others say or do is about them, not you. Don't believe what others say if it isn't real to you. You know who you are. Don't let others define you. It's not all about you.
  8. 3. Don't make assumptions
    Assumptions are guesses you made to fill in the blanks of things you don't know. You need to clarify, ask questions, seek truth.
  9. Always do your best.
    You will have much fewer regrets. Recognize that your best changes over time or circumstance. Forgive yourself if you know more now. If you do your best there is nothing to really forgive anyway.
  10. I highly recommend this book but more importantly, I recommend trying to live this way.
    Enjoy the journey if you read the book. The first chapter is out there for some but it's a short fast read. Be sure to read about the author. He's an interesting guy.
  11. Thank you to anyone who read this list!