"...one nation, under God (or not), indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
  1. Where is the indivisible nation when we hate each other over the very freedoms we are supposed to have?
    Religion, ideology, sexual orientation, color, gender, age, body appearance - they are reasons to hate?!?!
  2. Where is the liberty when we are afraid?!?
    In our schools, our houses of worship, our movie theaters, our clubs, on our very streets and in our homes we are afraid. We cannot trust the police, or the press, or the courts or the very laws written to protect us.
  3. Where is the justice when people of color cannot trust us, the white people who wrote these words (while owning slaves)?!?!?
    And the LGBT community, and the Muslim faith, and countless others who are targets of hate in their own beloved country
  4. Why are we so silent and afraid to even speak out?!?!
    We are labeled, wiretapped and investigated, open our bags, have our bodies scanned and probed. We don't even trust our neighbors anymore. Yet we are silent while screaming inside.
  5. How can we stop this madness?!?!?
    Please, help us learn, do better, speak out, love each other. Please, because we are drowning in a sea of blood and I cannot swim against this current.