We basically met through school and work as our paths kept crossing
  1. When I went to college 44 years ago to become a respiratory therapist it was a relatively new profession
    I was in the first graduating class of the two-year program at a community college
  2. My group had a little contact with the class behind us so I had seen him around without actually knowing him
    He was one year behind me at the same college. This was the first time our paths crossed
  3. After graduation I went to work at a big teaching hospital in NYC
    He came to work at the same place about a year after I did. Now that was a second time that our paths crossed
  4. We saw each other around the hospital and at meetings and stuff but knew each other only superficially as co-workers often do
    After a couple of years he moved to another job as an assistant director in another NYC teaching hospital and I stayed on at the first one
  5. In the meantime, I had gotten a second job only a few years after graduating (for some extra money) teaching respiratory therapy student clinicals in the hospital setting.
    I did this one shift a week while continuing to work at the teaching hospital for six or seven years. I taught at the same college I had attended. Because the profession was so new there weren't very many respiratory therapists who had higher level degrees. Of course eventually I would go on to get a bachelors degree and a masters degree, but back then you could teach student RT clinicals for the college as long as you graduated from college program.
  6. A few years after my husband left the teaching hospital where I still worked he began to teach RT clinical at the same college as me
    So our paths crossed again for the third time
  7. One semester we were assigned to teach the same student group
    I had them on Thursdays and he had them on Fridays
  8. We would chat on the phone to coordinate our teaching
  9. Well then we started to meet to talk about it
  10. And then the relationship changed
    You can use your imagination here
  11. After dating for a couple of years we moved in together
  12. We got married six months later
  13. That was 34 years ago
  14. And we have both cherished and kept our vows