My experience having a myelogram of my cervical spine.
  1. Many of you know about my lower back problem resulting in the need for back surgery.
    Surgery was unsuccessful. I am left with permanent neurologic leg pain and weakness in both legs. I am disabled as a result. My spine surgeon told me this could happen in other parts of my spinal column.
  2. Unfortunately my surgeon's warning came true.
    Now I have cervical (neck) spine symptoms in my right arm. It comes and goes and varies among excruciating shooting pain down my right arm, achy pain, and numbness and tingling.
  3. I can't have an MRI because I have spinal stimulator implanted to help reduce the pain.
    So they ordered a myelogram.
  4. First they do a lumbar puncture (insert a needle into the spinal canal in your lower back)
    They numb the area first
  5. Then they inject contrast (dye) that helps them see your cervical spine more clearly.
  6. Then they adjusted the gurney so my head was lower than my body.
    They had me roll side to side about 3 times to get the dye down to my head and distributed
  7. After that a CT scan of my neck
  8. While all this was going on, my husband played solitaire to pass the time
  9. They had me lay flat for about 90 minutes. I had a slight headache after about 30 minutes. Otherwise I could have gotten up after 60 minutes.
    I drank 3 cups of tea because they said caffeine would help with the headache and it did.
  10. I soon felt back to baseline and my head could be up 30°
    See how happy I was?
  11. Note bed hair with static electricity! 😂😂😂
    And attractive hospital gown
  12. And finally I was discharged home
  13. The discharge instructions are disappointing.
    Lounge in bed or a recliner as flat as possible except for meals and bathroom for 24 hours. Light activity the following 24 hours. We have a *very* busy week and I had hoped to get a few things done. No tubs for 7 days (this is the worst for me because I use my therapy tub for pain relief). Showers okay after today. Not much I can do about it except follow the rules. Life goes on❗️
  14. Thank you for reading my list! Love and hugs❤️💞❤️💞❤️