1. My loving husband
    For 2½ years since I have become disabled, my husband cares for me, our pets, and our home. Every day he does all the chores and errands. And he rarely gets frustrated or upset about it. He has so much love to give, even as I slowly deteriorate.
  2. Beautiful music
    Especially music with meaningful lyrics always helps me feel better, more whole, less injured, less broken.
  3. The courage of children
    After a 40-year career in healthcare I am still in awe of the children who face incredible challenges yet keep playing and singing and doing their schoolwork.
  4. The love nurses give
    Nurses provide loving care to the sick and injured regardless of what is happening in their own lives, their own health, and their own family. I am so proud to have been a nurse.
  5. The loyalty of my dog
    She is always there by my side loving me unconditionally.
  6. The vastness of the sky, the heavens engulfing us
    It always energizes my spirit to be outside looking up or into the horizon