1. People want to ride on my scooter
    It's a mobility device, not a tricycle. Duh. It's an extension of my body so that I can move from one place to another, OK?!?!?
  2. People talk about me and refer to me as if I weren't there
    Just because my scooter is lower than you doesn't make me a lesser person than you, OK?!?!?
  3. Things are moved around in the house
    I'm always home and if I go out my husband goes with me. So how does this stuff get moved around?!?!
  4. People try to pet my dog
    Even after my husband or I tell them the dog does not like strangers to touch her unless they are sitting down
  5. People try to pet my dog
    Even when she's wearing her service animal vest and ID. The service animal vest has a patch on it in a prominent location stating, "Please do not pet me, I am working."
  6. People answer their cell phones in restaurants and other public places and have loud conversations
    This is the perfect time for texting. Or politely tell them you'll call them back. Or go outside with your cell phone. Preferably don't come back. Duh.
  7. People speed up on their way to a stop sign or traffic light.
    There are so many people that are in a huge hurry to go nowhere.
  8. People who push their religion or political beliefs (or opinions on anything) on me
    I would love to have a nice discussion about religion, spirituality, and basically any topic. I really love those types of conversations. Sometimes I learn wonderful things from them. Sometimes I learn to look at things differently. Sometimes they have a profound effect on me. But when they are pushed on me the effect is always negative. I don't want people to try to force their beliefs on me. I do not care for aggression. I'm a peaceful person. Please be peaceful with me.
  9. People who do anything when they're driving other than driving
    Of course having light conversation with passengers is OK. Of course listening to music is OK. Of course things that are not major distractions are OK. But things that are not OK are they usuals: texting, taking selfies, reading, putting on make-up, styling your hair, or any activity that requires focus. There are dads, moms, grandparents, school kids, babies and beloved pets in the other cars. They are important people and pets. Please don't hurt them. Please don't kill them. Just pull over!
  10. People who let their pets roam freely around the car
    They need to be restrained in the vehicle just like people. It's for their safety and yours. It's for the safety of everyone on the road. Just strap them in like everybody else.
  11. People who have their kids or dogs or anyone in the open back of a pick up truck
    My goodness. They could get thrown out, knocked around, or seriously injured by road debris. Please don't do this.
  12. Well now I realize this list could be extremely long and it sounds awfully negative.
  13. I think it's best if I stop here and start a draft on the new list of things that make me happy!