Inspired by @chrisfon
  1. I am well-rested and awake without an alarm
    I really need my sleep
  2. I take my medications on time instead of late
    If I wait until my pain escalates it takes twice as long for my meds to work
  3. I get in the therapy tub after my morning medication first begins to work
    The warm water and jets ease my pain significantly
  4. I sit outside on my back porch for at least 15 minutes
    Fresh air and "sky time" really help me feel alive
  5. I spend time with each of my three pets (2 kitties and a dog)
  6. I limit myself to one outside-the-house-activity 3-4 times a week
    I need a day to recover from each outside activity (doctor appointment, shopping at a store, haircut, lunch or dinner out, etc)
  7. I pick up after myself every 1-2 days before it gets out of hand
    Clutter is stressful to me
  8. I eat healthy food, especially yogurt, cereal, fruit, and vegetables
    I can't cook anymore and my husband just makes me frozen dinners almost every day for both lunch and supper
  9. I don't watch TV until the evening
  10. I stay away from too much news
    I am an empath and feel the sorrow and struggles of others acutely
  11. I listen to music
    Music inspires and soothes me
  12. I meditate at least 10 minutes
    I usually meditate in the therapy tub
  13. I learn something, no matter how small