My husband and I took our granddaughter shopping for school clothes. She has grown out of most of her clothes from last year. Tomorrow is her 13th birthday.
  1. We started out at Olive Garden for lunch. Our granddaughter chose the restaurant. The wait staff sang Happy Birthday and gave her a complementary dessert. We were off to a good start.
  2. Next we needed to start shopping.
  3. First we stopped at Justice – the greatest of all tween stores - or so we thought.
    Well we found out that she will soon be leaving this genre. So many of their clothes seemed too young for her. And way too much pink.
  4. We did manage to find some awesome tops there.
    She selected 5 or 6 tops in various patterns. Then we threw in 4 or 5 more that were solid colors. We figured it's always good to have a solid black short-sleeved and long-sleeved pullover plus one of each sleeve length in white. She did too, but was trying to limit her selections. Most likely she had been given some instructions by her mom, our daughter not to go overboard. But one of my jobs as a grandparent is to go overboard! She has grown like a weed since last year and almost nothing fits.
  5. So we ended up buying about nine or 10 tops at Justice.
    She also got a pair of print boot cut pants and a tie-dye maxi skirt in dark red, navy blue, and a small amount of white. My husband threw in a "Birthday Girl" t-shirt. Then the salesperson found out our granddaughter's birthday is tomorrow and it turns out, so is hers. So she threw in a package of Justice school supplies.
  6. Next we went to Famous Footwear for sneakers.
    We bought her sandals about 4 months ago in size 4 and now she needed size 7! She selected black Converse high tops and we also bought her new sandals because obviously the old ones are too small. She picked out some nice size 7 sandals that look a lot like Birkenstocks. Even though she will probably only be able to wear them for another two months before it gets too cold I didn't think it was a good idea for her to go to school in flip-flops on hot days.
  7. How does a young girl's foot go from a size 4 to a size 7 in four months?!?!? It's crazy!
  8. Well every 13-year-old girl needs jeans so we went to Old Navy next.
    Fantastic! We found three pair of jeans that fit well and looked great. They were a size smaller than the pants we bought at Justice. I wish manufacturers of girls' and women's clothes would standardize their sizing!
  9. Next stop Cold Stone Creamery for an ice cream break.
    We were all pretty tired, it was 4:00, and very hot outside. This break was very helpful. Even though I was on my scooter, I was very tired at this point.
  10. After the ice cream we went to Target to look for more pants.
    Our daughter said our granddaughter needed more bottoms than tops but we were way ahead on tops. So we needed to fix this.
  11. We were in luck - Target had four pair of sweatpants/yoga pants that fit well and our granddaughter loved them.
    A black and white horizontal-striped skirt caught my eye. My granddaughter also liked it but it was a size smaller than the pants. It turned out to fit great. Then at the checkout register she spotted a Harry Potter t-shirt that was a must-have so we threw that in.
  12. So she ended up with 13 bottoms and 12 tops.
    Whew! What a relief. There would be no trouble with mom because the bottoms outnumbered the tops.
  13. We drove her home, then returned home exhausted. We seniors aren't built for all-day shopping anymore.
  14. Our granddaughter was over the moon with her new clothes.
  15. Tomorrow we are going to bring over our actual birthday gift for her. We bought this a few weeks ago. The gift bag contains a blue handkerchief skirt, white leggings, a blue sleeveless tunic, and a black and white dress. Oh yes - also a blue purse with $30 hidden inside. Blue is obviously her favorite color.
  16. I think she will be happy with how Grandma and Grandpa celebrated her 13th birthday. I feel really happy about it. 😀💙💚💛💜❤️💖