1. I am devastated by this news. We were friends in high school and then lost touch.
  2. We met in high school in speech and drama class, my favorite class in HS. This class was an elective that had students from all grades. When we met he was in 11th and I was in 10th grade. You could choose speech and drama for more than one year so I took it twice. When he graduated I didn't take it the next year because it wouldn't be as much fun.
  3. Our first assignment together was a group assignment. Three of us were to rewrite a fairytale as a play representing a more modern take and then perform it in class. We chose the Three Little Pigs and wrote a play that had something to do with democracy, socialism, and communism. Democracy was the house of bricks but other details escape me.
    I do recall in one scene I played an old woman and in another we all threw tomatoes at each other. Our teacher was so awesome she gave us great reviews and then told us to make sure we cleaned up the tomatoes.
  4. He and I went to Woodstock together with another friend who passed when he was in his 30s
    I have talked about Woodstock in another list.
  5. We hung out together all the time back then. He usually came to my house because he could drive and had a car and I did not. We listened to music, played Scrabble, and discussed current events and politics. We were both liberals and remained so although he moved more towards socialism than me.
  6. After he left for college we only saw each other sporadically but still kept in touch. Then I had a daughter and I was always very busy. He moved to NYC. We lost touch in the next few years.
  7. I thought of him often and wondered how he was.
  8. A few years ago we reconnected on Facebook. He called me soon after and and we spoke for hours. It felt like no time had passed and we were both so happy to be connected again. He said he had looked for me for a long time.
  9. We started playing Scrabble again, only this time online. It was like old times. We were very evenly matched.
  10. I was the first person he came out to about being gay. I learned this recently when we were talking. He said he had been telling people about me his whole life. He said I was great about it. I was 15. I had been talking about him my whole life too, whenever I told anyone about Woodstock or where are my love of public speaking and drama came from.
  11. He was going to come out to Colorado to visit me next summer. Ironically, he was worried about my health and if I would still be here. I assured him that my vital organs and systems were okay and my biggest issues were mobility and pain. As it turns out, he the one who won't be there.
  12. He had heart surgery five days ago. All I have learned is that he had a complication and died suddenly today.
  13. I still have a game of Scrabble going with him. I took screenshots of it in case it somehow disappears from no one making any moves anymore. If not, I like seeing it there reminding me of our friendship.
  14. Rest In Peace my friend. I love you ❤️
  15. I sincerely want to thank all of you who read my list and those who commented with words and thoughts of comfort. It helps so much when friends gather around you and embrace you with their love when you are hurting. And right now I am seriously hurting. I have lost others but this one hurts very deeply because we were so connected to one another
  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are wonderful friends and so kind to me. 💦😢💦💔💔💔💔💔