But all lists have merit! This is an opinion piece so please disagree as you wish!
  1. Li.sts with pop-culture references I don't get are difficult for me
    Because I am the Old Lady of Li.st and I'm out of touch with TV, music, movies, etc. they remind me of how quickly time is moving now and I feel left behind. But Li.st is helping me catch up a bit. 😍
  2. All-gif lists
    I like gifs but also I like some original writing by the list author. So if the whole list is gifs I feel a little let down. Probably related to #1 and not getting some of them tbh.
  3. Really long lists
    Because I have lost ability to focus that long, long lists lose me along the way. But I know some of my own lists have been too long!
  4. Actual lists - You know like groceries or to-do
    Great for you but not so much for me
  5. Lists full of unnecessary profanity
    I'm not above the use of cusses but sometimes it's way over-the-top. Lately it seems a little better though.
  6. Lists with too many links
    I'm easily confused and can get lost in the links. I am also easily distracted so too many links take me off on a sidebar and sometimes I never get back to the original list!
  7. One-item lists or wordless lists
    When I open them I always feel a little let down like – "Oh, is that all there is?" Although there have been a few where only one item was perfect!
  8. Lists clearly directed to just one or two people or a clique
    Seems like direct messaging might be a better medium to use. When I read these I feel like I'm eavesdropping on someone else's private conversation
  9. Lists with mean content or comments
    No need to hurt others. We should be kind. Enough said.
  10. Lists that are written by children
    Again, jmho but I feel Li.st has a lot of adult content and it's not the best place for kids. I don't mind reading theirs but I'm not so sure they should be reading all of mine. I'm so depressed half the time and my early years were not rated G or PG.
  11. But there are so many wonderful lists that I like and enjoy here. There is something for everyone at Li.st and it's a wonderful place to be. What Kinds of Li.sts and Li.st Characteristics I Really Love