Eric may have forgotten that this was MORE THAN 50 YEARS AGO when he requested this list but I will give it a try
  1. In 1965 I was 12 years old and in seventh grade
  2. I was incredibly crazy about the Beatles like every other kid in the United States
    My favorite went back-and-forth among John, Paul, and George but never Ringo
  3. My middle school friend Betty asked her father if he would take her and a few friends to Shea stadium if we bought his ticket, and he said yes!
  4. She didn't mention that it was for a Beatles concert so he assumed it was for a Mets baseball game
  5. At some point he became aware that he was duped but he was a good sport about it and seemed okay about taking us
  6. I can't recall clearly but I think we were on the first base line side fairly high up
    But I don't think we were in the highest level. I think we were one level down from the top.
  7. I remember it was extremely crowded and maybe it was even sold out.
    It was incredibly loud - that I am certain of
  8. I also remember that we did not hear anything except the screaming and cheering
  9. The speakers just weren't set up to hear over the noise and all that distance to where our seats were
  10. I seem to remember the Beatles began to realize we could not hear them and they just started waving to us not really playing or singing at times
  11. The time went by really fast
  12. I just remembered that I wore my "John Lennon hat"
    It looked just like his.
  13. This wasn't one of my greatest lists but that's all I can remember about it
  14. If I remember new stuff over time I'll go back and add to the list
  15. Thanks for the list request Eric! I did my best 😀