The town had an organized summer program that included arts and crafts, games, contests, field trips, and other fun stuff
  1. Making crosses from matchsticks
    This was in a town on the Jersey side of the Hudson River with lots of Jewish people. Somehow no one questioned it.
  2. Making things from Popsicle sticks
    Bowls, boxes, napkin holders
  3. Chess and checker tournaments
    I never liked these. They were rainy day activities.
  4. Crazy hat parade
    Won most original the year I attached a doll dressed as the Statue of Liberty to a foil pie pan and somehow wore that on my head.
  5. Annual trip to see a Yankees game
    Later on we saw the Mets, too
  6. Annual trip to Bear Mountain
    We always got a bologna sandwich on white bread, an apple, and a carton of milk for lunch. I was a picky eater. Had to scrape the mustard off the bread and drink water from the fountain because I only liked chocolate milk.
  7. The Friday night dances
    The town strung lights between 2 fire trucks in the schoolyard. They played 50s and 60s Rock and roll because that's when I grew up. They weren't oldies yet.
  8. The Saturday night movies
    Similar to Friday night set up but projected movie on brick school wall instead. No one could see or hear the movie but we got to stay up late and play.
  9. Play, play, play!
    Board games, card games, duck, duck, goose, relay races, stickball, dodgeball, hopscotch, jump rope, swings, monkey bars, Mr. Fox, tag, hide and seek
  10. Music all day and all night
    We were working class poor but my dad got each of us (I have 2 brothers) a tv and transistor radio. This made me very popular. We would listen to rock and roll and sing our hearts out
  11. Palisades Amusement Park
    It was in our town. We went to "the park" often to swim in the pool, play arcade games, go on rides, and just hang out. Every Saturday Cousin Brucie hosted live music at the park.
  12. The city (what we called New York)
    Once we were teenagers we went to all the free Central Park concerts, matinee plays, new release movies, etc
  13. Ice cream trucks
    Good Humor and Mister Softie
  14. Final thoughts
    Best summers ever!!!