Inspired by @aurora
  1. Mine will be very short
  2. I never watched The Office
  3. I did not know that @bjnovak was a celebrity
  4. In fact, I didn't know most of the people on the "celebrity" list you get when you join
  5. I don't like sitcoms and so I'm not familiar with most of the "celebrities" here
  6. @mindy and @lenadunham are other good examples of celebrities I was not familiar with
    I don't mean any disrespect. I understand from what I've read here on the they are exceptionally good at what they do. Being the Old Lady of and not being into sitcoms put me at a disadvantage in recognizing who they are
  7. When these folks post their lists they seem distant from me, as if a conversation between us would be extremely unlikely
    It feels like the fact that they are celebrities and I am an unknown ordinary person, it would be awkward and would get in the way of an authentic conversation
  8. @mindy is an exception.
    She seems very regular, authentic and down to earth. If we had a list one of us related to I think we could have a real conversation not burdened by the celebrity/unknown awkwardness
  9. I am so happy to get to know the wonderful friends I have made on so far and I look forward to meeting more!
  10. That's my short and sweet @bjnovak story
  11. There's not much to say if you had no idea who he is
  12. I doubt that you are reading this @bjnovak, @lenadunham and, @mindy, but if by some chance you are, please accept my apology for not realizing that you are celebrities and for not being familiar with your work as actors, producers, etc.
    I am an out of touch old lady