Inspired by @chrisfon
  1. I always have loved being a wife, mom, and now grandma
  2. Until it started to trigger my asthma, I wore perfume every day of my life from about age 16 until about 50
  3. I have lots of jewelry. Until I became disabled 2 years ago I wore it every day. Bracelets and rings are my favorites.
  4. I love accessories: scarves, bags, jewelry, etc.
  5. I loved to wear dresses until my leg pain started about 13-14 years ago. Then I stopped wearing heels, switched to flats and stopped wearing dresses
  6. I love hats and I look good in them, even now in my old age of 63
    I think I rock this hat! What do you think?
  7. Until I became disabled I cooked breakfast and dinner seven days a week and lunch on weekends for the entire length of my marriage
  8. I love to bake and make homemade desserts. Before my disability I baked something homemade every weekend
  9. I also love sports. The only sport I participated in was running. I ran 2-3 miles every day for many many years till a serious foot injury prevented me from running ever again. But I like to watch football and baseball especially, and basketball to a lesser extent. I just never participated in them.
  10. I love visiting the spa. I did my own nails for years until about 10 or 15 years ago when I started to get professional manicures and pedicures done. I also love to get a massage or a facial or a body wrap or any of those spa treatments.
  11. I always want to nurture others. I loved taking care of people in need. That's why I loved being a respiratory therapist first and then a nurse. And I loved raising our daughter and nurturing her. And now I love caring for my grandchildren.
  12. I liked to nurture my husband too before my disability. I prepared all the meals, especially his favorites. I actually liked cleaning and having a clean efficient home. I was the primary caregiver for our daughter. I was like the old-fashioned wife and mom but I also worked full-time and for about 10-12 years of our marriage I also went to school!
  13. I once did "Glamour Shots." They do your make up and hair and put lots of different outfits on you and take pictures. It's all very "girlie!"
    This is one of them. This was about 12 years ago.
  14. Anyway this is my brand of femininity. It's primarily old-fashioned and traditional with a tiny little twist here and there such as enjoying sports and having a career.
    I don't feel so old-school but as I was writing this out I realized I am!