I loved Christmas
  1. My childhood took place in the 1950s
  2. I loved everything about Christmas
  3. My church hung a beautiful advent wreath to hold the candles, three purple and one pink or lavender.
  4. The nave and sanctuary were decorated with evergreens. On Christmas Eve they added red bows to the ends of the pews and all the beautiful red poinsettia plants all around the sanctuary.
  5. Every year the school put on a holiday concert where we sang Christmas and Hanukkah songs.
  6. We put lights around the front door and electric candles in the windows. And we had a wreath on the front door. The neighborhood was very festive. In school we would make holiday decorations from construction paper and hang them on the windows.
  7. A week or two before Christmas my mother and I would bake Christmas cookies. We started out with frosted butter cookies and then later added five additional varieties, one at a time each year. After I left home I added a seventh cookie. Baking cookies with my mother is the only happy memory I have of her.
  8. When I was about five years old my friend who was Jewish started helping bake the Christmas cookies and on Christmas Eve helped decorate our tree. She did this every year until she left for college. She also started coming at Easter to help dye the eggs. I loved having another girl and my best friend be with us for these things.
  9. Santa left her a stocking and the Easter Bunny left her a small basket. When we stopped believing my mom explained to us that my friend always struggled being left out of Christian holidays so her mom who was friends with mine asked for her to participate in these two secular things. She was my closest friend so I never asked why she came.
  10. My mother would write out Christmas cards to family and friends and included a handwritten note with each. We strung a ribbon between two sconces and hung the cards we received there.
  11. We always had eggnog during the Christmas season. And we had tins of hard candy including peppermints and my favorite, ribbon candy. We would have a Christmas party at school and Sunday School and we each received a candy cane.
  12. During Advent there would be a Christmas fair at the church selling homemade craft items, Christmas snacks and other small items. The money went to the Sunday school fund. This is one of two places I would shop for Christmas presents for my family. The other was at a similar Christmas fair held at my elementary school every year.
  13. We decorated our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. I don't know why we were the only people in the neighborhood to do this but apparently that's how my parents had celebrated before we were born
  14. My dad would go get the tree and come home with it and get it set up in the stand. My mother would put the lights on. Then my two brothers, my friend, and I would decorate it with all of our ornaments. Each one had a story we came to know and repeat. We would start the tinsel but it was so tedious it was always my mother who finished it.
  15. We would sing the Christmas hymns at church and after Christmas Eve service we went out to the nativity set up outside where everyone had a little white candle lit and we sang Silent Night together. Sometimes the people who lived in the neighborhood would come out on their porches and sing with us.
  16. Before Christmas dinner we would snack on raw celery and carrots, nuts, and olives.
  17. Christmas dinner at our house was always the same as Thanksgiving. We had roast turkey with stuffing and gravy, cranberry sauce, baked sweet potatoes, mashed white potatoes, and at least three vegetables. Those vegetables were usually turnips, broccoli or cauliflower, and green beans, but occasionally something else would get thrown in.
  18. We always had Christmas cookies for dessert. My mother also made a Christmas eggnog pie that was delicious and a family favorite. It was a cream pie made with bottled eggnog instead of milk with whipped cream folded in and on top. It also had fruit cocktail in it and it had a graham cracker crust.
  19. We didn't get very much for Christmas in those days. It wasn't really about the gifts. That has really changed since I was a child. We were poor and had very little under the tree so I was disappointed at times that Santa didn't bring me what I had hoped for but I think there was a valuable lesson there. Some kids today expect to get everything.
  20. Thank you for this list request that took me down memory lane. Wishing everyone who celebrates it a Merry Christmas season.