I love reading and how this was passed down the generations brings me great joy
  1. I grew up reading everything I could get my hands on. School books, library books, comic books, cereal boxes, anything that was handy!
    It took me from my dysfunctional poor family to anywhere I wanted to go and anyone I wanted ito be. Until I got married, reading was my biggest hobby.
  2. Until 11th grade I loved school. I had a few rocky years due to social problems but then started college. Altogether I have earned two associates degrees, a bachelors degree, and a two masters degrees, all but the first one part time while working full-time with and spending most of my spare time devoted to my husband and daughter.
    During those years I still consumed books, but they were professional journal articles and textbooks. My only pleasure reading was the newspaper on Sunday and magazines here and there.
  3. But as my daughter was growing up I read to her faithfully every night. As she matured we read the newspaper together and discussed articles or magazines. She took up the habit I once had of reading for pleasure voraciously.
    Sadly, my husband is not a reader.
  4. My daughter read to her children every day just like I had. Her husband is also a reader and she is a stay-at-home mom. Since she had the kids all day my son-in-law reads the bedtime stories with the children.
    He still reads to the children every night even though they are 10 and 13. He started reading to each one of them separately a few years ago when their reading interests changed.
  5. My husband and I buy the grandchildren three or four magazines subscriptions every year that are appropriate for their age group and interests. Now my son-in-law reads them each an article from one of their magazines before bed each night.
  6. My daughter never stopped reading to them every day either! She still reads aloud to the children every day after school.
    It started with children's chapter books.
  7. When the kids were old enough my daughter started reading them the Harry Potter series and then they saw the movie after each one. She has read every Harry Potter book aloud to the children!
    My daughter got so into it with them that my son-in-law started reading them as well.
  8. At this time my daughter is reading them about a chapter a day of each of the Newbery award-winning books.
  9. My focus has declined so books are hard for me now so I read articles online, magazines and newspapers
  10. In December my brother took my granddaughter to Hamilton in NY and she got to visit with my older brother, a guidance counselor and my sil, an 8th grade English teacher (same as granddaughter's grade) who spent most of the visit talking about books. My sil said she was the best-read 8th grader she had ever met!
    (She also said most knowledgeable and most polite)
  11. Obviously I am very proud
  12. I f you got this far I love you ❤👵🏼❤