1. There are two types - central and obstructive
  2. Obstructive is more common. It's related to obesity and aging but anyone can have it. Plenty of young thin people have sleep apnea sadly.
    A heavier neck weighs down on your airway leading to episodes of apnea (no breathing at all). People have snoring, gaps in breathing, gasping, troubled sleep and daytime fatigue.
  3. Central is caused by something making your brain fail to signal your breathing muscles to take breaths.
  4. CPAP and BiPAP are used to keep the airway open for people with obstructive apnea.
  5. I have central sleep apnea. CPAP doesn't help me.
    They believe my medications for pain, muscle spasms, and neuropathy suppress my breathing. My doctor prescribed BiPAP to breathe for me. Unfortunately I have to sleep flat on my back because otherwise the pain is extreme the next day and I only sleep a few hours. When they put the BiPAP on me it causes my weak throat muscles to collapse and obstructs my airway!
  6. So now I just use oxygen to help prevent me from low oxygen during the apnea.
  7. CPAP doesn't help me because my problem is that I just stop breathing. I need to have the breaths pushed in.
  8. I don't really mind wearing the oxygen but if I don't tape the tubing to my face it comes off while I sleep.
  9. We may have been better off without all this stuff to keep us going!
  10. I do have family and friends who use CPAP successfully. I wish it worked for me.
  11. Enjoy breathing while it is easy for you!