They are both perfect.
  1. This is Chelsea
    She has one smallish white "polka dot" (my granddaughter's description) on her neck. Note she must lay on the clean towels my husband just washed and folded! Of course she did. She's a cat.
  2. This is Rochester
    He has three or four white hairs on his neck. Otherwise he all black. He is not friendly with my dog but eats her food and drinks her water. Chelsea also does this. Note he is next to the clean t-shirts waiting to be put away. He is also a cat.
  3. This is both of them on the clean towels.
  4. They are the best cats now.
    Savannah and Cheyenne, our previous two black cats were only six weeks when we rescued them from the shelter. They thought my husband I were their two mothers. RIP Savannah and Cheyenne. They were the best cats ever.
  5. This is Chelsea and Cheyenne watching my granddaughter.
    Cheyenne is on the right. Savannah died before digital cameras and it would be a struggle to locate a picture of her.
  6. I can completely "see" Savannah clearly in my heart.
    If you are psychic you might see her, too. Isn't she beautiful!?!?
  7. Thank you for reading my list!