1. When we were young we either went to a neighborhood party at someone's house or the local bar. We tried to avoid having to drive even though the penalties were not as severe then.
  2. In 2000 we went to Times Square with my daughter and son-in-law. We flew from Florida and they flew from Colorado and we stayed with my brother in Jersey. There is nothing like Times Square for NYE. But it was insane! We got off the subway at around 1pm and it took another 2 or 3 hours to walk around the block and reach the Square.
  3. We did not know they implemented the "corral" system. Once you entered a cordoned off area you could not leave without circling the block again. Police on horseback were heavily armed and patrolling. A lane was left open for emergency vehicles if needed. It was when all that Y2K nonsense was going on.
    This is a good picture of the corrals
  4. So once we entered our corral at around 3 we stayed until after midnight. There were no bathrooms or porta potties. I don't think I ever went that long without peeing before or since. We also did not have access to food or drinks and we didn't bring any because we didn't expect all the barriers.
    We were about ½ to 1 block closer than this because I remember McDonald's being behind us. This is a good picture of the afternoon.
  5. Of course it's NYC and most people in Times Square are tourists so everyone chatted up the people near them. Lots of other people had drinks and snacks to share. This is how I got by at Woodstock also - with the kindness of strangers.
  6. The four of us spent the whole evening with one woman in particular. She was a NYC native like my husband who had never been there for NYE before like all of us. My daughter and I grew up in Jersey just over the George Washington Bridge and never went either.
  7. Every hour the big screens and speakers counted down the New Year somewhere else and we all passed around her bottles of champagne and took a slug. We were especially tipsy because all we ate were nuts and chips.
  8. The music and such are a blur but midnight was very memorable: watching the ball drop, counting down, singing Auld Lang Syne, and lots of kisses all around! This is YouTube video of the event.
  9. The fireworks at midnight came off the top of the buildings lining Times Square and they were all around us - back, front, sides, and looking straight up.
    They were unbelievably loud and just kept firing off in a spectacle unlike any other. They made Disney seem small!
  10. And the confetti varied from tiny pieces to huge ones made of various colors and papers.
    Needless to say I was thrilled we went and will always remember it. We went to the first open store after we left and they charged us to use their grungy bathroom. Three days later I was back in Florida sick as a dog after passing the bottle around with strangers and peeing in a hell hole!
  11. Well now we go out for dinner early at 7 or 8 so we are home by 9 or 10. We watch the ball drop in NY at 12 but it's only 10 in Colorado. Then a drink, a toast, a kiss and off to bed. Things certainly have changed!