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  1. "I'm Sensitive" Lyrics (Verses 1&2)
    A song written by Jewel very early in her career. It is not one of her best songs, is very simple, yet means so much to me.
  2. "I'm Sensitive" Lyrics (Verses 3&4)
    It is the first Jewel song I heard and I became a huge fan for much of her career. I lost interest when she went country and then lullabies.
  3. There is not much I can say to describe who I am in addition to her song lyrics. Here she sings it:
    Of course I am not an angel. But the core message of the song describes much about me.
  4. I am so incredibly sensitive I actually feel like those around me. I take on if they are sad, excited, afraid or anxious. I actually feel their feelings. It is extremely exhausting emotionally.
  5. I have taken some psychological tests that indicate I might be an empath.
    Here's some information about it if you are interested or think you might be one as well.
  6. So this song by Jewel, "I'm sensitive" does in fact define very well who I am.