I am Stranded on the Moon -and I am Going to Stay
  1. For 64 years the gravity of Mother Earth held me in place on the little pale blue dot
  2. Held me fast upon her crust within her atmosphere under the clouds affixed to the Earth
  3. I stood fast and firm even as the planet twirled around in a pirouette
    My hair in the wind my thoughts in the sky my feet weak and barely moving
  4. I was held in place even as the Earth spiraled around the Sun, a star so bright it scorches my eyes
    I cannot look but I can feel
  5. Each day the Earth needs less gravity to hold me down as my legs crumple easily and no longer hold me up
    It is an effort for me to arise, I can barely shuffle
  6. So Earth released me and my spirit went to the Moon
    I was so much lighter, I walked and I ran and I danced on the Moon
  7. On the Moon I watched Mother Earth as she held the others
    How small and heavy they are. They inch toward release slowly each day.
  8. The drama I witness down there.
  9. The wars
  10. The hunger
  11. Why is it so clear from here
    And yet so invisible there?
  12. You must change
  13. You are killing yourselves
  14. You are killing our Mother Earth
  15. Please stop