What if there is a feature I don't understand or still don't even know about it?!?!
  1. Is there a way to save lists? If so where are they kept and how do you access them?
  2. I chose everyone for all of my choices in settings. Am I seeing the people I follow first? Is everyone really everyone?
    I feel like if I was seeing everyone then there would be a lot more lists than I actually see.
  3. How long do lists remain in the queue? How many lists back does it go?
  4. I don't understand the explore function except for the search feature. What criteria are used for the activity, featured, and trending lists?
  5. Is there anyway to see who people are following the most? Who are the leading listers in terms of followers?
  6. Can you use the app on a Mac laptop? I struggle to find it in the app store for the MacBook Air. It would sure be easier for me to use my laptop keyboard then to always use my phone or tablet.
  7. Is there anyway to see more than one feature at a time? For example, can you leave a list you are writing open while reading new lists?
  8. I may lack the tech skills needed if there are advanced features but I sure would like to check out everything you can do with this app. Because I LOVE li.st