A list in drafts (RIP) I planned to add to until I had about 10 entries but I will publish now before I lose track of the email link to it
  1. For more than 8 years I served as the director of a small respiratory therapy program at a NJ university. Because the program was small I taught classes and clinical as well as being the program director. I had dual employment at both the university and the hospital. I had an office in each place and 2 bosses.
    The first time it snowed I called the students at home (the pre-digital era) and told them school was cancelled. The hospital boss said they need to learn to plan ahead on snow days for when they were working. The university boss agreed with me. Why have students feel compelled to risk their safety when it could be easily rescheduled? He felt it was an insurance risk if someone got hurt. So I won and for the next 8 years I was able let them stay home whenever the local public schools did. 😊
  2. My husband & I moved from FL to CO after he retired so we could live near & help our daughter with our 2 grandkids. I was worried she might not want us so I asked by email to allow her to process & think about her answer in case she didn't want us to move out.
    When she didn't answer for a while I figured she was trying to think of a polite way to say no. I got an email with a map of Denver. She marked a star on their house and drew a circle identifying a 6 mile radius around their house. She said you must live within this circle and included several real estate ads for houses on her very street! We were thrilled and came out three months later, bought a house that was being built, and sold our house in Florida while I looked for a job in Colorado.