No particular order. Memories somewhat sketchy in places I visited a long time ago. Random memories that popped into my thoughts.
  1. Canada
    Breathtaking mountain ranges in BC, beautiful gardens in Vancouver, totem poles in Stanley Park
  2. Mexico
    White sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, bartering in Cabo, carrying on a basic conversation in Spanish with a cab driver and feeling very pleased with myself
  3. Ireland
    Feeling connected to my husband's grandparents who were born there. The Ring of Kerry. The pubs, the music, fiddles, the dancing, the singing, the crazy winding roads
  4. Scotland
    Standing in heather, recognizing the shared Celtic heritage of both Scotland and Ireland. Being on the famous Loch Lomond and Loch Ness. Bagpipes. My father's surname's tartan.
  5. England
    Giants Causeway. Liverpool. Abbey Road. Strawberry Fields.
  6. Russia
    The gold in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. The Hermitage. Palace Square where a 10K race was occurring and local families played basketball. Seeing American sailors taking tourist photos. Growing up in the years of the Cold War this was meaningful to me. The ballet.
  7. Estonia
    People were experiencing some of their country's best years as a free nation. People's pride and patriotism. Young people with tattoos of their country, their flag. Deep distrust of Russia.
  8. France
    Lunch in the Eiffel Tower with my husband. The Louvre. Bartering for a scarf with my last few euros.
  9. Germany
    The stark contrast that still exists between East and West. The torn-down wall no longer ominous. A somber feeling of the wrongs done there.
  10. Norway
    People were so happy, industrious, and friendly. The Viking Ship Museum.
  11. Finland
    Vasa museum. Replica of failed ship.
  12. Denmark
    The Tolund Man found well preserved in "bog." Loved Copenhagen immensely.
  13. China
    Tienhamen Square in the smog, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Shanghai on my birthday, Hong Kong, Hutong Villages, 2008 Olympic Park, Peking duck, silk. Golden Buddha, Reclining Buddha, Jade Buddha, Emerald Buddha
  14. Thailand
    Gold, gold, gold! Temples. Blessing of monks.
  15. Singapore
    Technology, friendliness and kindness of locals, Merlion, orchids, striking skyline, Ferris wheel
  16. Viet Nam
    Rice paddies, motorcycles, Saigon. Struggling to reconcile my feelings from the war with what I was experiencing.
  17. South Korea
    Schoolchildren in uniforms, vending machines with 8-ounce cans of soft drinks and juice, golden Buddhas.
  18. New Zealand
    Maori, coconuts, great people, Bay of Islands
  19. Japan
    Peace Park in Nagasaki, origami cranes. Seeing firsthand the difference between the perception of WWII among the Japanese compared with the USA.
  20. French Polynesia (Bora Bora, Moorea, Tahiti)
    Locals on Tahiti leaving their own paradise to vacation on Moorea, another paradise. Polynesian Easter! The best drinks in French Polynesia.
  21. Fiji
    Fire walkers. Pina colada
  22. Samoa
    Social people, very religious, communal
  23. American Samoa
    Similar to Samoa except everything is three times as costly
  24. New Caledonia
    After accepting that I cannot ever walk on the sand or wade in the ocean again since becoming disabled, we found a spot where the sand was firm and the distance from the path (where I get off the scooter to walk) to the water was only about 30 feet. My feet were in the South Pacific and my toes felt the sand again!
  25. St. Maarten
    Getting cheese and bread for lunch at the little local store. Gorgeous water. Open air restaurants.
  26. Barbados
    The Jolly Roger party boat. Banks beer
  27. St. Bart's
    It reminded me of farmland with sheep grazing on the hills.