It's the little things that matter
  1. Sitting on my couch while my husband sits in his recliner
    Two cats and one dog hang with us wherever we are. I feel good with my little family.
  2. Sitting on my back porch in the fresh air and Colorado summer.
    I love being outside. I don't have to go anywhere to go outside now that we have a back porch and yard. I like to watch my cute little dog rolling around in the grass. The sky in Colorado is usually really beautiful shades of blue. And there's usually a soft breeze.
  3. Learning something new
    I am a lifelong learner and find new knowledge a great joy. I don't focus very well but I still read short articles on line (and lists!) and often learn from those. I like when friends post articles on Facebook that they have read. One friend finds interesting articles about Alaska because her daughter lives up there. Another is well-informed regarding issues in his New York neighborhood.
  4. Petting my cats or dog
    They are so trusting, loving and loyal. Well maybe sometimes the cats swat or nip at us but the dog loves us always.
  5. Hugs from my grandchildren
    I could not possibly love them more than I do. I feel so close to them and involved in their lives.
  6. Soaking in my therapy tub.
    It's the only time that I am almost pain-free. I wish I could stay there all day.
  7. Nature
    It's so great to see birds and animals living in their natural habitat. I always wonder and imagine how it was before the USA taken by force and inhabited by my European ancestors.
  8. Music
    I know my depression is coming on if I stop singing or stop listening to music.
  9. Sadly, I am not singing lately. I'm not going outside. I'm sliding down the black hole.
  10. Once your going down its so hard to get out.
  11. My meds were doubled so maybe in a few weeks...
  12. Dare I post this????