So I'm thinking of changing my name to a fictional one and using a picture unrelated to me
  1. So if someone were to come on list who knew me and searched for me by my real name would they find me?
  2. Or if they knew the email I submitted would they find me?
  3. I really find it so cathartic and therapeutic to list everything you really believe and feel without worrying about what effect it might have on any of your relationships.
  4. Because relationships are complicated and people sometimes believe you're aiming something you say right at them!
  5. And it is so not personal or about them
  6. What I believe and feel in my heart is about me and no one else.
  7. If I don't always agree with my friends and family I don't love them any less.
  8. But I am so much more sensitive to feelings than most of my family and some of my friends.
  9. So sometimes I just keep things to myself I feel wonderful about sharing here
  10. Ya know?
  11. Might call myself "Too serious" and use this photo
  12. What do you think?!?
  13. I went with "Mama Bear" and used a picture of Big Blue Bear at the Denver Convention Center but it's still me.
  14. I'm undercover now! 🐻🐼🐼